Pump tank combo Raijintek ANTILA D5 RBW

Pump tank combo Raijintek ANTILA D5 RBW

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RAIJINTEK launches NEW ATLANTIS series D5 level RBW pump (with 200mm reservoir), ATLANTIS D5 RBW integrated a Unique rainbow RGB ( 5V Addressable) LED light cap, it is a highest level solution for PC enthusiasts and custom PC Modder to create a super RGB LED light water cooling system. ANTILA D5 RBW is made in Taiwan, features the maximum pressure up to 50 PSI, and achieve a super flow discharge up to 900L/hr and Head-lift of 4 meter (13 feet) at maximum speed, thus it is the best heart for your liquid cooling loop. Outstanding performance and reliability, ANTILA D5 RBW is manufactured from highest quality POM and PMMA material to provide a crystal clear, steadily, silently, high performance, durable solution. ANTILA D5 RBW allows PC enthusiasts not only to construct a remarkably superior liquid cooling system but also combine externally-modular upgrades for their chassis. Sturdy Bracket are also provides users a reliable, direction options and friendly installation. ATLANTIS D5 RBW is the best showcase water cooling LED PUMP for your system!

Rainbow RGB ( 5V Addressable) LED light
Super flow discharge 900 L/H
Superior head-lift 13 feet [4 meter]
Reliable, light weighted POM construction
High quality acrylic (PMMA) Reservoir
Support bracket to provide sturdy, reliable and friendly installation
Easy mounting and connection in multiple locations
Operating steadily and silently
Advanced building liquid loop - CPU, GPU, radiator and more DIY components
Compatible with RAIJINTEK PHORCYS series, Radiator, Water Blocks, Tubes
Supports 5V Addressable RGB Enabled Motherboards
Compatible with Raijintek’s 5V ADD control set

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Product Name ANTILA D5 RBW
Product Number 0R40B00109
Q'ty 1 pcs
Dimension [W×H×D] 87.4×280.6×91.2 mm [with Bracket]
Reservoir Dimension Φ64×205[H] mm
Material POM + PMMA (Crystal clear)
Weight 790 g
Screw Threads G 1/4"
Bearing type Ceramic Bearing
Maximum Head 3.85m
Maximum Discharge 900 L/H
Maximum Pressure 50 PSI
Life Expectance 50,000 hrs
Noise Level 30 dBA [Max.]
Speed P1 : 1,800 RPM
P2 : 2,500 RPM
P3 : 3,200 RPM
P4 : 3,900 RPM
P5 : 4,500 RPM
Voltage Rating DC12V
Input Current 1.8 A ± 10%
Connector 2606-H-03P [-12V/+12V] /
2510-4P [NA / NA / Fg / PWM]
Addressable LED 21 LED Rainbow (4pin header, 2510 spec) – Addressable LED
LED Control Method Motherboard control / Remote control (by using Raijintek control hub)
LED Input Connector 4-PIN header (2.5 Crimp)
LED Voltage Rating 5V
Lighting Mode By MB software or 20 Lighting MODE & 7 different static color choices by Raijintek's 5V ADD control hub


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Pump tank combo Raijintek ANTILA D5 RBW
Pump tank combo Raijintek ANTILA D5 RBW
Pump tank combo Raijintek ANTILA D5 RBW
Pump tank combo Raijintek ANTILA D5 RBW
Pump tank combo Raijintek ANTILA D5 RBW


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