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Màn hình EK-Quantum Lumen 7˝LCD – Nickel

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EK-Quantum Lumen 7" LCD - Nickel is a Quantum series 7-inch IPS screen that is a stylish and functional addition to any liquid cooling setup. The display is recognized as an additional desktop by your OS, offering a handy way of displaying any content you want or monitoring the computer's vital parameters like component and coolant temperatures, fan RPM, core frequency, and more. It is mounted on a standard 120mm fan spacing in the PC case or used as an external display.

External IPS display monitor from the EK Quantum Line

This monitor uses a high-quality IPS screen designed to be mounted inside the PC case or to be used as an external monitor for temperature, hardware load, and other information or pure aesthetics. It has a wide SVGA resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. Its diagonal is 7 inches long, with the IPS panel type for superior viewing angles and vivid colors. It connects to the PC through HDMI 2.0 cable that is included in the package and an internal Type-A USB 2.0 port for in-case usage. Another USB Type-C cable is also included for using Lumen as an external display.

Groves and notches are strategically placed on the back side of the screen to hide the cables and ease the cable management, thus creating its sleek look and feel. The frame of Lumen is CNC-machined out of a single large chunk of 20mm-thick aluminum that is 195mm long and 115mm wide.

External IPS display monitor from the EK Quantum Line

The sturdy nickel-plated aluminum frame offers three mounting positions with hole spacing aligned with 120mm fans. This allows the screen to be moved up and down or centered, depending on your preference, while ensuring a high degree of compatibility with most modern cases. This 7" monitor can also be mounted on EK-Loop Angled Bracket 120mm to allow 90-degree rotation and additional positioning options.

External IPS display monitor from the EK Quantum Line

With a width of 192mm and a height of 112mm, it has the perfect size not to outshine the rest of your PC and still adds a pretty big surface for relevant data or special aesthetic effects.

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Technical specifications:

- Dimensions: (LxHxW) - 192 x 112 x 16,1mm
- Resolution: 1024x600px
- Diagonal: 7"
- Panel type: IPS
- Frame: Aluminum (nickel-plated)
- Mounting hole spacing: 105mm

- EK-Quantum Lumen IPS display
- Mounting screws and spacers
- Cable HDMI 2.0 1m - slim
- Cable Type-C 1m
- Cable USB 2.0 Internal - USB A female port

Made in Slovenia - Europe!

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