Chuột Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse - Bluetooth
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Chuột Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse - Bluetooth

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Stay productive on the go with the Touch mouse
Looking for a portable mouse that helps you get things done? Sculpt Touch Mouse saves time in long documents and works virtually anywhere, with no cables or transceivers to connect. And it’s designed to fit comfortably in either hand.
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Four-way touch scrolling

Scroll vertically AND horizontally using the sleek touch strip. Flick up, down, and side to side to navigate spreadsheets, long documents, web pages and the features of Windows 8. Scroll slowly with a gentle swipe or quickly with a flick of the finger, then tap to stop.


Up to 9-month battery life

Use your mouse for up to nine months without having to change batteries.


BlueTrack Technology®

Works on virtually any surface in your home, office, or anywhere in between.


Comfort and control for either hand

Easy to hold side grips and a contoured shape allows comfortable use in either hand.



Length: 3.76" / 95.5mm

Width: 2.56" / 65mm

Bluetooth wireless

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity - no transceiver required.

Works great with Windows 8

Provides smooth and fluid Windows 8 navigation experience.

Three customizable buttons

Three customizable buttons for more control.

Comfort and portability

Compact design to fit in your hand and go wherever you go.

Works with many Android tablets

Works with many Android tablets.*

Three-year limited warranty

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Chuột Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse - Bluetooth


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